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As it turns out, Coldplay really do play that song this way by Barbecue Bros
June 2, 2008, 4:39 pm
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So I just thought it was just purely for marketing reasons and the fact that the silhouette of a drum kit might be too clunky for an iPod commercial. But as it turns out, Coldplay played whatever song it is at last night’s MTV Awards exactly like they do in the commercial. The drummer really does bang on a singular drum with two malletts. And one guitarist wears that cap. And all of the bands sings. And Chris Martin poses vaguely like Jesus Christ.

And is it me, or does the band seem to be wearing the exact same clothes as they do in the iPod commercial? What exactly is Steve Jobs’ role in this? Is this a new uniform for the band, like Interpol always wearing fitted suits and tie clips? And how does Brian Eno fit in all of this?

MTV Movie Awards performance:

iPod commercial:


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Don’t be such a hater. That song is awesome.

Comment by Kenny

I’m not so much hating, just observing.

Comment by twoguns

Coldplay is dressing exactly like Arcade Fire.

Comment by bonnie

Might be on purpose, from what I’ve read about people who have heard the leak.

Comment by twoguns

[…] Comments So we all know that Coldplay really does play that song (aka “Viva La Vida”) that way. However, the song itself bears a striking similarity to the melody in a year-old song by a band […]

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