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Lalala, no Lost spoilers please by Barbecue Bros
May 30, 2008, 1:16 pm
Filed under: tv

So I didn’t get a chance to watch the TWO HOUR LOST SEASON FINALE EVENT last night and have to wait until after work to watch it today. Thus I’m trying to avoid any sites or blogs with recaps that might spoil any part of the TWO HOUR LOST SEASON FINALE EVENT. Definitely can’t go to EW or Zap2It. AV Club does its own recaps, but luckily was only a text link to “Lost” with no photos or spoiler information and I could browse the rest of the site spoiler-free. I quickly scrolled through Vulture, but still caught a glimpse of a couple of Lost-related posts. Even a blog posted a small teaser that may end up spoiling some of it for me. Guh, I can’t even read the local newspaper site without avoiding spoilers. ARGH only a few more hours to go…


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OMG You will not BELIEVE what happened…

Comment by Kenny

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