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”His Horribleness has left the building” by Barbecue Bros
May 19, 2008, 6:58 pm
Filed under: The Office, tv

So it looks like Toby really is leaving and going to Costa Rica after all (sorry Eller). In season 3 he thought he would be able to retire there with his severance package when it appeared that the Scranton branch was going to shut down in favor of the Stamford branch.

Paul Lieberstein, the actor who portrayed Toby, will continue on the show as a showrunner with Greg Daniels and Jennifer Celotta. He and the rest of the Office writers liveblogged Thursday night after the east coast viewing and offered a few interesting tidbits:

Was it weird to write my character off?
I have always felt uncomfortable writing for myself, so it was easy and I’m surprised I didn’t do it earlier?

Will we ever get to hear Beers In Heaven?
Would you drink a beer/
If you saw it in heaven/
Would it taste the same/
If you drank eleven?

Take off your clothes/
And touch your toes
Cause I know we’ll drink a beer
Beers in heaven

“Total Eclipse of the Fart”
Turn around
every now and then I get a little bit stinky
and the farts are coming out of my butt

I need to fart tonight
I need to fart forever
and if you’ll only pull my finger
we’ll be smelling farts together

turn around, fart sound
Every now and then I cut a fart

Next Season Tease
We’re doing 28 episodes next year. I hope I’m not giving anything away, SPOILER ALERT: we’re starting in September.

“Goodbye, Toby” deleted scenes


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