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NP: Radiohead, pt. 2 by Barbecue Bros
May 9, 2008, 8:44 am
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Presenting part two in a two-part series…

OK Computer (1998 )
Not a whole lot to say about this one. I still find it as essential and excellent as it always has been. “Let Down” is such an underrated song.

My Iron Lung
EP (1994)
A very solid pre-Bends import EP (I have the German version) that showed the band moving towards the sound they refined on The Bends. Considered an EP, it does contain 8 songs and lasts over 30 minutes. Also contains an acoustic version of “Creep.” Most of the songs are solid, but not spectacular.

The Bends (1995)
Much like OK Computer, not much has changed for me when re-listening to The Bends. It’s still really really good. However, at this point I’d say my jam is “Black Star” as opposed to any of the singles or “Bullet Proof…I Wish I Was” or “Street Spirit (Fade Out).” Man, what a great album.

Pablo Honey (1993)
Because I mostly listened to the albums in my car, I didn’t get a chance to get to Pablo Honey. Doesn’t bother me too much since I doubt any of the songs will be played in tonight’s concert. Still, I will give this a proper listen sometime this weekend, though I don’t see much changing in terms of it becoming my favorite Radiohead album.

Speaking of which…

1. Kid A
2. OK Computer
2a. The Bends
4. Amnesiac
5. In Rainbows
6. Hail to the Thief
7. Pablo Honey


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So Susong pointed out that I didn’t actually review Kid A (eventhough I did re-listen to it last week before the concert). It is the only time I have been to a midnight release for an album and is still the revelation to me now as it was in college. Listening to it last week confirmed that. And it was great to hear “Idiotheque” and “Everything In Its Right Place” live was awesome.

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