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Linkdown: No time for TV, but here’s a linkdown by Barbecue Bros
May 2, 2008, 9:03 am
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– It’s official: Britney Spears is returning to How I Met Your Mother for May sweeps

– Ben Linus’ best moments from Lost

– Aunt Becky is moving to 90210, as is Lucille Bluth

-Is Aaron Sorkin’s first tv show Sports Night getting a 10th anniversary edition?

Did the writer’s strike make you stop watching a show? I finally stopped watching Desperate Housewives..I know, I know (via TV Squad)

– Empire picks the 50 greatest tv shows, with The Simpsons taking the top spot; Buffy the Vampire Slayer (?!!??), The Sopranos, The West Wing and Lost rounding out the top 5 (via TV Squad)


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Wow, this is way off (in my opinion).

Notable snubs:
1) Entourage – After seeing the Wire/Deadwood and other HBO series, how does this one not make the list at all???

2) Maybe reality shows were intentionally excluded, but its hard not to see The Real World/American Idol on there.

3) Grey’s Anatomy is clearly one of the biggest hits of the last 4 years.

4) Baywatch? That crap has been around since the 80s

5) Knight rider with the Hoff?

6) Get Smart?

7) House – Almost as popular as Greys

8) Not that I have ever seen it, but isnt MASH one of the longest running shows ever?

Maybe I am just smarter than EMPIRE…. (or their readers… Tommy?)

Comment by Walters

a) Empire is a British rag, so that might explain some of the choices you think they left off

2) I dont’ read Empire, but was just passing on a their list

Comment by twoguns

My 8 ) turned into a happy face. Weird.

Comment by Walters

You use smileys all the time. Admit it.

Comment by twoguns

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