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Linkdown: ZOMG GTA IV by Barbecue Bros
April 28, 2008, 10:33 am
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– Currently with a Metacritic score of 99 on Xbox 360

– Steven Totilo of MTV Multiplayer has a list of what GTA IV mocks in the first 7 hours of gameplay

– Variety’s game blogger has an issue with so-called “exclusive reviews

– Level Up’s N’Gai Croal and his thoughts on the immigrant storyline in GTA IV

– A GTA IV themed Control-Alt-Delete webcomic (h/t Dan)

– 11 signs you’re no longer a hardcore gamer

You’ve pre-ordered GTA IV but don’t mind if it doesn’t turn up on launch day

Wednesday’s just fine. Really. You’re a bit busy at the moment, anyway. In fact, you probably won’t get a chance to play GTA IV until the weekend. You’re also not bothered by the prospect of downloading the DLC for GTA IV either. You’ll never finish the main game anyway.


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I bought this yesterday. Needless to say, its really good.

What is this DLC they are talking about. That language is above my pay grade.

Comment by Walters

This fall, 360 users will get a chance to buy exclusive downloadable content (DLC), which is rumored to be several more hours of gameplay and an additional city or borough. Microsoft may have paid up to $50MM for the exclusive content.

Comment by twoguns

Is the speculation this feature will only be available to the Xbox audience then? I would assume Sony is putting up some sort of fight or alternative DLC (now that I know what that means).

Comment by Walters

I haven’t heard anything about PS3 exclusive content:

Also, too bad y0u have a PS3 because the multiplayer is so much fun

Comment by twoguns

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