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The rise, fall and defeaning crash of Sonic the Hedgehog by Barbecue Bros
April 11, 2008, 11:51 am
Filed under: video games

With the recent news of a new Sonic game, Sonic Unleashed, coming out this year, Games Radar examines the highs and lows of Sonic’s 17 year history.

Oh, Sonic. What’s happened to you? It’s no small secret that Sega’s once-dominant mascot has slipped over the years, with awful games making things worse by the month. But worldwide love is still strong, and each time there’s a new platformer announced we shuffle in line like a bunch of nice devoted fanboys and pray, deep down, that this will be the Sonic game that doesn’t suck. And we’re let down every time.

While the leaked screens and gameplay vids of Sonic Unleashed look promising (as well as the fact of it having “no relation” to the latest Sonic titles), as it states in the GR article, you have to be careful about getting too excited about a Sonic game until Sega shows otherwise. But oh, how stellar that would be if it turns out to actually be a good game. Until then, I still have Sonic 2 on XBLA.


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