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Linkdown: Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose by Barbecue Bros
March 6, 2008, 11:42 am
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– NBC is teaming with DirecTV to bring back Friday Night Lights for a third season though airing details are not available at this time (h/t Susong)

– EW’s Doc Jensen fact-checks last week’s Desmond-y Lost

– Vulture compiles a bunch of new Lost theories based on last week’s episode

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is renewed for a fourth season

– What former Kid Nation contestant is suing CBS?

– XOXO, Gossip Girl is returning in the fall


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Comment by Susong

I’m happy… but this is still gonna be kinda weird with the season 3 “premiere:”

– are they gonna to pick up right where they left off?
– with Coach Taylor hungover in bed
– with Peter Berg going after Mrs. T
– with the Panthers still chasing the state championship

Part of me wants them to just push fast-forward and explain what happened through dialogue… either way, I feel like it’s gonna be a little awkward.

Hooray! More Tyra coming in the Fall…

Comment by Eller

Good points, Eller. Hopefully they will resolve those and any other plot points in a non-awkward fashion. Maybe a “previously on Friday Night Lights” a la 24 will be in order.

Also, you can have your Tyra and I will take my Riggins. Pretty sure Kenny’s already got dibs on Julie…

Comment by twoguns

Are you referring to how ’24’ is going to create a 2-hour special in the fall that fills in the gap between seasons 6 and 7?

I would love it if FNL did that. Sort of a season 2 ‘wrap-up’ that ties up all of the loose ends so they can start completely fresh with season 3.

Do you watch The Wire? I just finished season 4 on DVD and was blown away. You definitely need to get on that if you haven’t already.

Comment by Eller

I was thinking more of the recap at the beginning of each episode, but a 2-hour special would be even better.

Never watched The Wire. Been on my radar for a few years, but just haven’t gotten into it. Kenny’s got season 1, though.

Comment by twoguns

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