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The King of Kong trailer and clips by Barbecue Bros
March 5, 2008, 11:48 am
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So I saw the documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters last night and cannot recommend it enough if you have even a casual  interest in classic arcade games.

Some clips after the jump…

Meet the gamers:

The “Kill Screen” in classic arcade games:

Steve Wiebbe setting the highest public Donkey Kong score:

Donkey Kong as the hardest game:


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I’m going to watch this movie tonight instead of The Darjeeling Limited because of your post.

Comment by Dan

Well, just finished the movie and all I can say is wow, Billy Mitchell is a coward and an asshole (at least that is how the movie portrayed him). I think in order to set a record in a video game, it must be done live in a public competition. That is how it’s done in sports. I think I’m gonna go play some Donkey Kong on my emulator now.

Comment by Dan

Here is a link to the Twin Galaxies press release on Steve Wiebe’s attempt to break Billy Mitchell’s 1,050,200 high score:

Comment by Dan

I just scored 7,200 points on my first playthrough of Donkey Kong on the NES. I beat the first level without losing a life and then lost all 3 lives on the second level because I didn’t know you could die from (1) being squished into the ceiling by one of the elevators, (2) falling off from a ledge, and (3) jumping off from an elevator onto a platform from high above.

Comment by Dan

Keep working, Dan. Only 1,043,000 to go.

Comment by twoguns

Here’s what I learned from watching KoK:

– Billy Mitchell is a douchebag (Screw his “portrayal.” I don’t think there’s any argument that could convince me otherwise.)
– Guys who play too many video games growing up never develop normal social skills
– Grizzly Adams in the Referee Shirt was hands-down my favorite. There’s never been a better charicature of a corrupt leader.

Comment by Eller

I loved the scene of Billy parading his “trophy wife” around the arcade with her awful boob job.

Also, big fan of his hair.

Comment by twoguns

Can we take a moment to reflect on the fact that Billy Mitchell decided to “parade his trophy wife around the ARCADE.”

Can you think of a sadder place to parade your trophy wife than an arcade in rural Florida?

Comment by Eller

If I get a trophy wife, the first place I’m taking her is the arcade. As in, stopping at an arcade on the way to the airport for a quick lap or two around the machines.

Comment by twoguns

Just finished seeing the movie,and WHAT AN A_S_S HOLE BIlly Mitchel is,he is a MAJOR COWARD and only a POSSEUR(he thinks he is great ) he is as great as a FART

Comment by Nrico

I can confirm that King of Kong is the most compelling video game documentary i’ve ever seen (okay so it’s the only video game doc. i’ve ever seen, but it’s still good)

Comment by grasshopper

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