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Linkdown: Heyyy…music by Barbecue Bros
February 28, 2008, 1:18 pm
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– “Music 1.0 is dead,” according to a former music exec

Consider the statements that were made today without controversy:

  • DRM on purchased music is dead
  • A utility pricing model or flat-rate fee for music might be the way to go
  • Ad-supported streaming music sites like iMeem are legitimate players
  • Indie music accounts for upwards of 30 percent of music sales
  • Napster isn’t losing $70 million per quarter (and is breaking even)
  • The music business is a bastion of creativity and experimentation

Only a few years ago, none of those statements would have been true, but perhaps none is more striking than the last. Panelists from every sector of the digital media marketplace were in agreement that the major labels, under the pressure of eroding profits, have been forced to become experimental in their business dealings and to do deals that would have been deemed too risky only months before.

– Perez Hilton’s getting his own record label? Really?

Constantinesspring tour, though sadly not in the southeast

– Background on Beach House‘s album cover for their second album, Devotion

– Okayplayer has the latest Roots track (via Pitchfork)

–  Stereogum is streaming the excellent new LCD Soundsystem song “Big Ideas” appearing on the 21 soundtrack


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imeem is youtube for music – I never run out of new tunes on that site.
(it is making my amazon wishlist balloon in size, I guess I’m betraying my ties to music 1.0)

Comment by Foster Cromby

I’ve heard of imeem but have never used it…might have to check that out.

Comment by twoguns

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