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Liveblogging the Oscars by Barbecue Bros
February 24, 2008, 9:58 pm
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Gonna try this for the first time. Probably won’t be too terribly interesting, but it’s worth a shot.

8:31 – …aaaand we’re off

8:32 – Let’s see how well Jon Stewart does with only 8 days or so to prepare. “Welcome to the makeup sex.” Groan. Looks like the opening monologue will focus on the writer’s strike.

8:35 – “Thank God for teen pregnancy.” Shot of Ellen Page, who looks cute.

8:36 – Damn, Dianne Lane looks smoking hot. Way to go, Josh Brolin. Way to go.

8:39 – Here comes the politics…Gaydolf Titler was a pretty funny, but you could kinda see it coming from a mile away.

8:42 – First Oscar goes to the costume designer for Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Never saw it, but her first Oscar. So good for her. Also, way to keep your comments short and sweet. More should follow her lead.

8:51 – Oh, a “new media” joke. How cute of you, Jon. Hopefully Steve Carrell will bring the funny. Wait, did he just cuss? He’s being the “Steve Carell” character as per yoosh, but I chuckled. Ratatouille wins Animated Feature Film, which is to be expected. Way to go, Brad Bird.

8:57 – The makeup designers for La Vie En Rose win. All I really have to saw about this award is that Marion Cotillard is smoking hot.

8:59 – Awesome! I love Amy Adams. Not a bad singer, either.

9:07 – Wow, The Rock is a presenter? Really? I’m guessing Transformers wins for visual effects…and I’m wrong. The Golden Compass wins.

9:10 – I had no idea Cate Blanchett was preggers. Sweeney Todd wins for art direction. Yea, didn’t see that one either.

9:15 – Best Supporting Actor has to be Javier Bardem’s. Though Hal Holbrook’s scene from Into the Wild was amazing. Of course Javier wins it.

9:23 – “Oscar’s salute to Binoculars and Periscopes” is pretty good

9:28 – Good to see Owen Wilson, though wish he would lighten up a little bit/play the Dignan character.

9:31 – Oh, Jerry Jerry Jerry… And the winners for Best Animated Short Film bring a creepy doll on stage…sweet?

9:35 – Best Supporting Actress has to be Cate Blanchett’s right? She does look stunning tonight. Wow, Tilda Swinton wins for Michael Clayton. Huge upset. Even she looked shocked to win.

9:44 – Damn right Jessica Alba is always fantastic. It’s amazing how fast the milk comes…

9:47 – Crap, No Country for Old Men versus There Will Be Blood for Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published (seriously, can’t they just say Best Adapted Screenplay?). The Coens win it!

9:51 – There’s been a Michael Bay sighting! Wow, how corny was that montage about academy voting?

9:53 – Oh Kristin Chenoweth, you are such a little pixie.

The second half of the show after the jump…

10:01 – Nice joke Jon.

10:02 – Really?! Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen?!? The really do look exactly alike. For Achievement in Sound Editing Kenny’s favorite movie of 2007, The Bourne Ultimatum wins! I actually did think Transformers would win this one. So I guess for Sound Mixing its 4/5 of the same nominees of Sound Editing? The Bourne Ultimatum wins again! Kenny has to be so pumped!

10:08 – Best Actress. Not the best scene for Juno. Marion Cotillard wins, and she is still so smoking hot. I thought this one would go to Julie Christie, so I guess it’s a bit of an upset.

10:18 – Wii Sports makes an appearance and thus boosts demand for the Wii 83%

10:29 – Wow, Bourne Ultimatum is racking up, now winning Film Editing. Kenny is now weeping for joy.

10:31 – Is it me, or does Nicole Kidman look like ass? More botox, Nicole. Seriously. Honorary Oscar time…good for Robert Boyle, and I am surprised how coherent he is at the age of 98.

10:41 – Dan correctly picks the winner for Foreign Language film with The Counterfeiters, since its the only one he actually saw

10:49 – Based on hearing the songs for the first time tonight, I’m hoping the song from Once wins. And it does! Glen’s all choked up. Good for him and Marketa.

10:57 – Aww, how nice of Jon to bring back Marketa for her thanks.

11:00 – Wow, Roger Deakins still does not win an Oscar for Cinematography. Poor guy.

11:08 – Still kinda mad about Jonny Greenwood not being eligible for Original Score.

11:16 – Best Documentary Feature. I only saw No End in Sight (which was great), so I guess I’m pulling for that one by default. War Dance also looks really intriguing. Taxi to the Dark Side takes it, though.

11:25 – Obvi, Diablo Cody was always going to win Original Screenplay for Juno

11:30 – Man, Helen Mirren is one foxy british dame. Lead Actor is Daniel Day-Lewis’ for the taking, which he does. Gotta say, its really weird to see DDL out of the character of Daniel Plainview.

11:37 – Running out of steam and gotta say, I’m more or less over this whole liveblogging thing right now. Al…most…there…

11:39 – Two more to go, Director and Best Picture. Director has to be down to the Coens and P.T. Anderson, with the Oscar going to the Coens who will likely win for Best Picture as well.

11:45 – As expected, No Country for Old Men wins Best Picture. Big night for the film, and deservedly so.

11:47  – …aaaand I’m out. Good night.


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Pwned by wwtdd?

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Meh. WWTDD’s liveblog didn’t even mention you, Kenny.

Comment by twoguns

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