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Linkdown: Movie shizz by Barbecue Bros
February 20, 2008, 1:35 pm
Filed under: HD format war, movies, Oscars

– EW’s Top 100 Oscar snubs: 100-76 | 75-51

– Meanwhile, Oscar host Jon Stewart only has 8 days to prepare for the telecast due to the WGA strike

– Riggins is joining the X-Men Origins: Wolverine cast as Gambit (!!)

– Shocker: Universal hops on the Blu-ray bandwagon; but what about Paramount/Dreamworks?

Juno DVD details (due April 15); it is also the most sucessful “indie” film in 6 years in terms of box office (since My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

– AV Club interview with Michel Gondry

– And lastly, There Will Be Blood will still be released on HD DVD on April 8


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“Here’s to you Wolfie – and ten years from now supermutants livin large in an alternate universe……X-Men forever..”

Comment by Susong

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