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Lists!: Susong’s favorite albums of 2007 by Barbecue Bros
February 1, 2008, 10:46 am
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To be sure, I don’t listen to nearly as many new albums each year as many of friends, so take this list with a grain of salt. On to the list –

  1. The NationalBoxer: Not. Even. Close. Boxer is not only my favorite album of this year but probably my favorite of the past five. Traditional and experimental, old and new, uplifting and depressing – this is a special one.

  2. Rooney Calling The World: I thought for a second, am I REALLY going to put Rooney at #2 on this list? Answer – how could I not? Hey, on a Friday afternoon in the summertime am I gonna put on The National? Hell no… These are some genuinely great songs that have the ability to put you in a good mood – whether it’s Monday or Friday night.

  3. Kings of LeonBecause of the Times: An absolutely incredible failure. This was my first exposure to the Kings and I immediately bought their older albums. If these guys were trying to completely reinvent Southern rock songs, they pretty much failed. Instead, I think they got out of it something even more interesting and cool. Probably one of the coolest bands going right now.

  4. Ryan Adams – Easy Tiger: Surprise! Adams is easily my favorite solo artist and this is a solid entry for him. Good songs (a few great ones), solid backing, and a return to country rock for Ryan put this high on the list.

  5. Band of HorsesCease to Begin: Like the Kings, this was the first album I heard by BOH. A lot of folks liked the first one better, which means I need to get that album immediately. The best song featured my favorite symbol/theme/whatever of the year – ghosts.

  6. The FieldFrom Here We Go Sublime: The first time I listened to this I thought, “What the hell?” The second time I started to anticipate the moments where melody tracks cut through the “Doom Doom Doom Doom,” 4/4 minimalist techno. And pretty much after that I just enjoyed the thing as a whole. This is the type of record where you can either sit and appreciate every nuance or just tune it out completely until you say to yourself, “Wow, its been an hour…?” as the album comes to a close.

  7. The National LightsThe Dead Will Walk, Dear: No, not The National again. The National Lights are a mostly acoustic trio that simply put, write great little songs. By the tone and instruments used, you’d never guess these songs were about death, statutory rape, getting rid of bodies and god knows what else. Great record that’s incredibly short but one to listen to over and over.

  8. RadioheadIn Rainbows: Holy God! Radiohead still writes songs! I haven’t been excited about Radiohead since Kid A but this one may eventually one-up that. Combines the best of their songwriting with their most experimental stuff you have to hear to believe.

  9. AirPocket Symphony: May be my favorite Air album after Moon Safari. The title is pretty appropriate, since most of the tracks are very minimal, featuring very few instruments. But played in space. Does that freak you out Brett?

  10. Kanye WestGraduation: This one was actually not as good as his last (Late Registration) but damn if it ain’t close. I wish he would have pushed the electro angle a bit more instead of including old school sampled songs again, but hey the ones that are there are amazing. Also includes some of Kanye’s best lines to date – and some of his worst. Still the best cocky music out there. Don’t care if you don’t agree; you can’t tell me nothin.

Honorable mention: EITS, Stars, Arcade Fire, Im Not There Soundtrack, House of Fools, David Ford, The Ike Reilly Assassination, Wynn Walent, The Weakerthans


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