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February 1, 2008, 11:30 am
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I’m such a fanboy of the show, and last night’s premiere affirmed my fanboyism. More Locke vs. Jack. More awesome Ben. More oggling of Kate. More crazy shit. And I’m really pumped for Jeremy Davies’ character (the parachuter who arrived at the end of the ep).

Though I was kind of bummed that the first hour of the “2 hour premiere” was a recap – I was hoping for 2 hours of brand new content. I just hope the WGA strike is resolved soon before we are left with only an eight episode season 4. In any case, I’ll prob watch the premiere again tonight.

Lost‘s season 4 premiere has a very strong 87 rating on Metacritic

– TV Club’s recap

– And finally, a few questions from Doc Jensen’s always-trusty recap:

Season 4 Burning Question No. 1: If the Oceanic 6 are six survivors of Oceanic 815 who made it off the Island (and became famous for doing so), and we know that three of the six are Jack, Kate, and Hurley, then who are the other three?
Season 4 Burning Question No. 2: Is Christian Shephard actually Jacob, or was Ghost Dad just keeping the chair warm while the Ben-directing Ghost Other was taking a wicked ghost whiz?
Season 4 Burning Question No. 4: Who is Matthew Abbaddon really? And what are to make of that name? Matthew means ”gift of the Lord.” By contrast, there’s the hellish allusion of ”Abbaddon.” My trusty TV Watch editor, Tom Conroy, pointed out to me that in the book of Revelation, Abaddon is ”the angel of the abyss” and even the personification of death


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I can all but confirm that season 4 of Lost will only contain 8 episodes. There are really only 2 options at this point:

a) just call it a day, and let season 4 be what it currently is… 8 episodes long (which means Cuse and Lindelof will have to sprinkle in the “extra” 8 episodes intermittently throughout seasons 5 and 6.

b) write, shoot, and edit the remaining 8 episodes over the summer (after the strike ends) and air those in the fall of ’08.

Even if the strike ended right now… Lost would still be months away from shooting a new episode (much less airing one). They’re completely shut down at this point.

Plus you have to factor in the fact that traditionally, the summer is when big name TV actors go off and shoot feature films. And I can almost guarantee that a guy like Matt Fox already has at least one feature that he’s gonna shoot this summer.

With that being said… last night’s season premiere was ridiculously good.


Comment by Michael

What is Matt Fox gonna do? “We Aren’t Marshall?”

Man, that episode was good. Such an addiction.

Comment by Susong

Actually, I heard he was in talks for a Party of Five movie…

Comment by twoguns

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