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Linkdown: OMG gonna get my Lost on tomorrow by Barbecue Bros
January 30, 2008, 11:22 am
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– EW’s Doc Jensen has your Lost preseason cheat sheet, since it’s been a while

Interview with Michael Emerson, the actor who portrays Ben Linus (via Pop Candy)

– Vulture’s got their own interview with Michael Emerson

– I’m not gonna holler at it, but there are Lost spoilers here

Youtube vid synchronizing the Lost crash (via Vulture)

– TV Squad’s six reasons to look forward to season 4

How well do you remember season 3? I got 8/10, but I also just watched season 3 on dvd.


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9 of 10!!! WHAT!!

Comment by Susong

7 out of 10… it’s a good thing I’m gonna re-watch the last few episodes tonight!

Comment by Eller

Susong, don’t be an asshole.

Eller, if not for re-watching season 3 recently, I prob would have gotten a 5/10. Or maybe a 10/10. But probably a 5/10.

Comment by twoguns

Swear to God….if the LSAT were multiple choice I’d kill that beast.

Comment by Sus

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