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Linkdown: Blah edition by Barbecue Bros
January 15, 2008, 11:57 am
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– Leading up to the start of the Sundance Film Festival this week, AV Club takes a look at 10 Sundance Sensations that changed filmmaking as well as 10 Sundance films that died in the real world

– Cinematical takes a look back at Sundance 2007 before they head to Sundance 2008

– Box Office Psychics has compiled a list of movies that use “effff” most frequently; topping the list, oddly enough, is the documentary F**k (via Slashfilm)

– Spoiler alert: Uwe Boll’s latest film is a big-budget piece; Uwe says he is going back to low-budget films

– The seemingly bad-acted-but-supposed-to-be-a-reality-show American Gladiators has already been renewed for a second season

– And finally, a recap of last Friday’s Friday Night Lights just because you should be watching it


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2 things:

a) American Gladiators is awesome… and by awesome, i mean ridiculously fun/ny when you watch with 4 or more people and consume plenty of alcohol.

Tears were streaming down my face from laughing so hard when I watched the premiere and Koya essentially passed out as she crossed the line of the eliminator. You can’t script unintentional comedy like that.

Appendix i for point A) – American Gladiators is totally lame and boring if you watch it by yourself while completely sober.

B) I watched season 1 of Friday Night Lights over Christmas break and can’t praise it enough. I’m 3 episodes into the second season (via, and am kinda over it. I’m gonna stick with it, but it’s starting to make me wonder if it’ll be able to keep my attention much longer.

Comment by Michael Eller

FNL comes back around, though I never thought it went that far off course (I’m assuming you are referring to the plot point from the S2 premiere). The last two episodes have been two of the finer episodes of the entire series, though.

Comment by twoguns

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