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Linkdown: Digital downloads and movie stuff by Barbecue Bros
January 8, 2008, 12:56 pm
Filed under: HD, HD format war, movies

– DVD sales slipped in 2007 for the first time since the DVD was introduced 10 years ago

– On a related note, are digital downloads the future? Bill Gates thinks so.

– While Michael Bay may have missed the point in Pearl Harbor, could he have hit this one on the head back in August?

“What you don’t understand is corporate politics. Microsoft wants both formats to fail so they can be heroes and make the world move to digital downloads. That is the dirty secret no one is talking about.”

“That is why Microsoft is handing out $100m checks to studios just embrace the HD DVD and not the leading, and superior Blu-ray,” he continued. “They want confusion in the market until they perfect the digital downloads. Time will tell and you will see the truth.”

– Is Paramount following Warners back to Blu-ray?

– Panasonic’s one inch thick 150″ flat panel tv

– AV Club presents 19 movies anchored by a single artist’s songs, including About a Boy/Badly Drawn Boy, Stranger Than Fiction/Spoon and Batman/Prince

– 15 big screen characters who didn’t make the final cut (via Pop Candy)

Orlando Jones — “Magnolia”

Obsessive fans of Paul Thomas Anderson already know they can find the ill-fated storyline of The Worm in the published shooting script of “Magnolia,” but oddly The Worm’s alter ego Jones logs more time on the making of documentary than he does in the film. As part of the “Magnolia” production diaries, there’s a tantalizing scene in a diner featuring The Worm, the desperate-for-cash father of Dixon, the young boy John C. Reilly’s cop meets in the first act, but Jones is nowhere to be found in the final cut. As Jones told the Sunday Express in 2001, “Paul called me and said: “You’re great in the movie but we’re four hours.” Apparently, Tom Cruise wasn’t as expendable.


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