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December 18, 2007, 6:02 pm
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Judd Apatow is The Man, according to Vulture; promises to include more penii in his movies

– Peter Jackson will executive produce The Hobbit (and a sequel) after all

The dets on Michel Gondry’s 30 minute short Interior Design that will appear in the film Tôkyô!

– AV Club’s Worst Films of 2007

– How the unfathomable Meet the Spartans may have come to be


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I cant believe Jackson wouldnt direct it. I wonder who theyll get in his place….

Comment by Susong

Raimi, Del Tormo and Alfonso Cuaron were mentioned in either this article or another one I read

Comment by twoguns

Word on the street out here is that it’s going to Raimi. Jackson would have loved to have done it, but he wouldn’t be able to have it ready until 2015 (and New Line isn’t willing to wait that long). Jackson’s got Lovely Bones… then TinTin, so his plate’s too full to take it on. But according to what I’ve read, he’ll have pretty extensive control over any creative decisions (which sounds a little bit like a train wreck waiting to happen).

Comment by Michael Eller

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