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Jimmy V Espy speech by Barbecue Bros
November 28, 2007, 7:03 pm
Filed under: NCSU, YouTube

Because of Jimmy V week kicking off of tonight’s NC State/Michigan State basketball game. Great speech.


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A stranger directed me to this speech. I am going through many horrible things right now. My mother, grandmother, and I have all had surgeries in the past few months and money has been very hard to come by. My husband, his parents, and uncle have all lost their jobs or secondary jobs. I have fallen so deep in depression from being overwhelmed trying to help my family. We even had to get assitance just so our children could have Christmas. I am ready to give up.
When a stranger read my post on the pain and frustration we are going through, he told me to watch this and let it touch me, and it has.
Through this incredibly overwhelming time I had forgotten what we are fighting so hard for. Our love and family is everything. What is life if you forget to live it? Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.
Thank you for this wonderful video, and though it can’t put the money we need in our pockets, it has opened my eyes.

Comment by Virginia Tanner

Wow, sorry to hear about your unfortunate circumstances. Jimmy V is truly an inspiration and I’m glad his legacy is still affecting people to this day.

Comment by twoguns

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