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Netflix roundup – August 2007 by Barbecue Bros
September 10, 2007, 4:02 pm
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A little bit late this time around, but I watched a lot more movies in August than I did in July, though some were a complete waste of time.

Running with Scissors (DVD, 2006) – F-

La Haine (DVD, 1995) – B+
+ Gritty depiction of Paris during the riots in the mid-90s
+ Politically important film depicting class and racial struggles
+ B&W cinematography was nice
– The mish-mash of different cinematic styles didn’t always feel completely cohesive

Weeds: The Complete Second Season (DVD, 2006) – A-
+ Awesome ensemble cast – Mary Louise Parker, Romany Malco, Elizabeth Perkins, Kevin Nealon and especially Justin Kirk
+ Refreshingly unique
– Storylines became a bit too outlandish at times

Dog Day Afternoon, Crank, La Haine, For Your Consideration and Once in a Lifetime after the jump…

Dog Day Afternoon (HD DVD, 1975) – B
+ Really interesting true story told through a very minimalistic cinematic style by Sidney Lumet
– A bit long

Crank (DVD, 2006) – C
+ Mindlessly entertaining
+ Amy Smart is hot, as always
– Somebody fell in love with their C-grade Tarentino editing vision

For Your Consideration
(DVD, 2006) – C+
– Continues the decline of Christopher Guest movies since Best in Show
– Really just not that funny – it loves it jokes more than the audience will

Once in a Lifetime (DVD, 2006) – B+
+ Really interesting documentary that mirrors this summer’s situation with Beckham
– Movie could have focused on the soccer, rather than the spectacle and lifestyle of the players, a little bit more

Currently Have Out:
Hard Boiled (DVD, 1992)
Disturbia (HD DVD, 2007)
Reno 911!: Miami (DVD, 2007)


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