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Linkdown: Music by Barbecue Bros
September 10, 2007, 3:34 pm
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Pitchfork gives Music a 6.8

While Schreiber concedes that music is still “trying to find its aesthetic,” he also claims the form has not yet lived up to the lavish praise heaped on it by pop culture journalist Chuck Klosterman and 19th-century French romantic composer and critic Hector Berlioz, among others.

Schreiber concludes his critique by calling on music to develop a more cohesive sound in its future releases.

– Jonny Greenwood is scoring There Will be Blood

– Speaking of Radiohead, apparently their new album is finished, though not sure how much I care

– Video of Britney’s trainwreck VMA performance


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Don’t care about radiohead?

I don’t even know you anymore…

Comment by Kenny

Looks like somebody got access at work…

It’s not that I completely don’t care, its just that a Radiohead album release isn’t the huge event that it used to be for me. I’ll still buy the physical album (prob the day of, definitely the week of), but it’s not like I’m not checking Radiohead blogs daily until the release date.

Comment by twoguns

That was hilarious.

Comment by Susong

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