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Friday Music Videos – 08.31.07 – Friends of the Rentals edition by Kenny
August 31, 2007, 5:14 pm
Filed under: music, YouTube

For those of you that missed The Rentals super-rockin’ concert at Amos’ last night, and judging by the sparse crowd that’s everyone, here’s a special edition of the Friday music videos.

Tegan & Sara – “Back in Your Head”

There were some rumors going around that Matt Sharp was going to do some recording with the Canadian sister duo, but to my knowledge, nothing really came of it. Sharp, along with Maya Rudolph, did record a cover of Tegan & Sara’s 2004 jam, “Not Tonight.”

 Nerf Herder – “Pantera Fans in Love”

Ben Pringle, who currently plays guitar, synth, and trombone for the Rentals, has also spent some time in Nerf Herder, a self-described “four-eyed nerdcore pop-punk” group from LA. This particular jam is off their sophomore release, 2000s “How to Meet Girls,” which predates Pringle joining the band. Ben also told us last night that the band is recording a new album with their original lineup.  

Jimmy Eat World – “Hear You Me”

The connection here is that Rentals bassist Rachel Haden was once the touring keyboard player for Jimmy Eat World. This song, however, has particular ties to Weezer. There’s speculation (and I’ve never seen anything to confirm or deny it) that this song is about Mykel & Carli Allan, two sisters who started the Weezer fan club. Mykel Allan is even the female vocal at the beginning of the second verse in “Undone – the Sweater Song.” The Allan sisters tragically died in a car in 1997 en route to a Weezer show. A tribute album entitled “Hear You Me: A Tribute to Mykel and Carli” was released in their memory, but this track was not on it.


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