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Linkdown: HD snob edition by Barbecue Bros
August 23, 2007, 1:07 pm
Filed under: HD format war, technology

Top 10 HD Misunderstandings (via Engadget HD)

– Is HDMI 1.3 performing below expecations? (via Endgadget HD)

– Paramount’s Chief Technology Officer speaks out on dropping Blu-ray

“[HD DVD] was launched in a very stable way, with stable specifications, and they had specified a reference player model, so all players had to be compatible with the HDi interactivity layer, and all players had to be capable of the interactivity,” explained Bell. “That speaks to the DVD Forum, that it published specs that were complete and market-ready, and that it didn’t need to publish up [and change the specs], as Blu-ray has. To some degree, [such changes are] going to create some legacy issues.”

HD DVD review of The Prestige. But I thought it was Blu-ray only? It’s a UK import. Ohhhh…I’d want it, though it looks like the audio isn’t up to snuff. Oh well, good talk.

– Some guy just got an HD tv. Big whup, I’ve had one for years now.


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