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Friday music videos: 08.10.07 by Barbecue Bros
August 10, 2007, 10:39 am
Filed under: music, wtf, YouTube

Tay Zonday – “Chocolate Rain”
Little late on this internet sensation, but here’s the original. 

John Mayer – “Chocolate Rain (remix)”
With Sherrod Smalls for Best Week Ever

“Chocolate Rain (8-bit Remix)”
Midi-ized, I guess.

Live on Jimmy Kimmel
With interview after the song. Love the crowd reactions and the awkward forced clap-along. Also, that’s really how he talks!


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John Mayer is uber-lame.

Comment by Kenny

couple of things…

a) there’s NO WAY that this kid hadn’t seen the John Mayer cover. i don’t buy it for a second that he’s been “too busy” and he’d heard of it, but hadn’t had time to check it out. i’m guessing that he just didn’t wanna talk about it.

b) i don’t watch Kimmel, but i’ve seen his thing with Matt Damon. does he always end his shows by saying that he’s sorry he didn’t have time for him, or was this just another example of him giving Damon the shaft?

Comment by Eller

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