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Superbad links by Barbecue Bros
August 8, 2007, 10:49 am
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While it may not lead the to the level of obsessiveness that Knocked Up did earlier this summer (Knocked Up week, anybody?), I am super stoked for Superbad. Here’s a few articles I’ve come across the past few days…

– A few weeks old, but still pretty hilarious interview with Mike Cera and Jonah Hill from MTV (with accompanying video footage)

– Always been a fan of Mike Cera, and here’s a nice profile about him

Michael Cera is too good to be true. He gets this reaction a lot. He gets it onscreen, as when producer Judd Apatow watched his audition tape for the new comedy Superbad and thought, This guy is off-the-charts funny. And he gets it offscreen, where Cera is so courteous, so apparently down-to-earth (on Letterman, when Dave asked him if he’s part of “new Hollywood,” Cera said, “Well, I don’t think anyone here’s ever heard of me”), and so astonishingly untainted by what should be, by all rights, his looming megafame (of his current publicity tour, he says, “The traveling is really exciting for me. And they pay for it all. Food and everything”) that you start to worry that his whole persona is some sort of Dadaist media prank.

– NY Times interview with co-writers, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

– A hilarious story about Jonah Hill, a random, and O.J. in Miami


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Way to link the NY Times article twice instead of the Michael Cera profile…

Comment by Kenny

Fixed, assclown

Comment by twoguns

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