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Duct tape therapy for warts: co-sign by Barbecue Bros
August 6, 2007, 2:27 pm
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I can personally attest to the effectiveness of duct tape for warts. It’s not by any means an instant treatment and you might get sick of wearing a strip of duct tape all the time (depending on where your wart is), but it has worked for me.

In patients treated with duct tape, 85 percent of the warts completely resolved, compared with 60 percent in the cryotherapy group. These results were statistically significant. Resolution of warts treated with duct tape usually occurred within the first 28 days of therapy. If there was no response within the first two weeks, the warts were unlikely to respond to a longer course of therapy. The main adverse outcomes with duct-tape therapy were difficulty keeping the tape on the wart and minor skin irritation. The main adverse effect in the cryotherapy group was mild to severe pain at the freeze site during and after the treatment.

Link (via Neatorama)


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That’s an interesting new use forducttape. I’ve heard of using superglue to suffocate them, so it might just work.

Comment by Wesley Upchurch

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