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Netflix roundup – July 2007 by Barbecue Bros
August 1, 2007, 1:56 pm
Filed under: movies, Netflix

Guess it was a slow month for movie watching for me… 

Overnight Delivery (DVD, 1998) – C+
+ Paul Rudd, despite his intense overacting, had his moments
+ Very similar plotline to Roadtrip, but it came first 
– Reese Witherspoon as a stripper just wasn’t that believable
– Paul Rudd’s overacting, almost to the point of a homeless man’s Jim Carrey

Stomp the Yard (DVD, 2007) – B-
+ Mostly entertaining – especially the dance scenes
+ Meagan Good is hott
– Formulaic hero-overcomes-odds-through-dancing-and-comes-out-on-top story

Currently have out:
Once in a Lifetime
(DVD, 2006)
La Haine (DVD, 1995)
Dog Day Afternoon (HD-DVD, 1975)


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