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To Bay or Not to Bay: The Art of Excess by Barbecue Bros
July 18, 2007, 8:49 am
Filed under: movies

One word: Bayan.

Bay’s work is unapologetically crass and commercial, and it makes a ton of money. He might be an easy target for people who write seriously about movies for a living, but I don’t think he can be so easily dismissed. In many ways, I’m often more interested in understanding a film’s flaws than I am in assessing what it does right. (This can be frustrating to anyone who has discussed a movie with me that I claim to like, only to hear me criticize it.) I don’t like Michael Bay movies any more than most critics, but there’s a directness of vision that I find, dare I say, respectable. Is there any filmmaker who’s as honest about the kinds of movies he makes than Bay? To be fair, I haven’t seen all of the original Bad Boys, nor have I seen any of The Island, but I’m not optimistic on the chances of those films winning me over. Bay’s art, if you can label it as such, is overkill, and he works only in extremes – loud and fast, mostly. He’s a bad storyteller to be sure, but he’s a bad storyteller worth discussing.

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