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Knocked Up and The Office updates by Barbecue Bros
July 17, 2007, 1:09 pm
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– Knocked Up will be heading to HD DVD and DVD shelves sometime in September. The HD DVD version will have the 4-minute longer unrated version in HD and the rated version in standard-def.

– Four of the five one-hour Office episodes for next season will air in the first four episodes, which start September 27

The beginning of the season, Daniels says, will sort out the events that occurred in last May’s final episodes, including the firing of Jan (Melora Hardin) and Ryan (BJ Novak) taking over her old job.

“We’re dealing with Ryan being the boss and trying to shake things up and bringing the company more into the Internet age,” Daniels says. “That’s the main thing at the beginning. And also Jan living with Michael — she’s moved in.”

– Current Emmy Top Ten finalists from The Office, including Jenna Fischer for Best Supporting Actress


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Awesome – Shots of a baby crowning in HD……sweeeeett….

Comment by Sus

Yea, its gonna be super sweet…and gooey!

Comment by twoguns

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