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Netflix roundup – June 2007 by Barbecue Bros
July 2, 2007, 12:31 pm
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“How I Met Your Mother” (3 disc DVD, 2005) – A
+ Best new tv comedy I discovered in 2006
+ Barney’s awesomeness
+ Great ensemble cast
– Ted and his sometimes-lame dialogue

The Fountain (HD-DVD, 2006) – B
+ Great, non-CGI special effects
+ Gorgeous cinematography
– Story didn’t make me care about the characters or what happens to them as much as it could have
– Some ridiculous new-age imagery, especially towards the end

Clerks II (HD-DVD, 2006) – C-
+ I laughed a few times
+ Mostly at Elias, who was just a weird-ass character
– Kevin Smith humor doesn’t do much for me overall
– The characters of Jay and Silent Bob

Hollywoodland (HD-DVD, 2006) – B
+ Ben Affleck in a role that probably hit pretty close to home for him
+ Unexpectedly good noir film (at least from my perspective since I had the movie for 3.5 months before watching it)
– Enjoyable but forgettable movie

Currently have out:
La Haine
(DVD, 1995)
Stomp the Yard (DVD, 2007)
Dog Day Afternoon (HD-DVD, 1975)


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You know how I know you’re gay?

You said “+ Gorgeous cinematography”

Comment by Kenny

I thought you’d like that

Comment by twoguns

Dude – The Fountain warrants a rewatch. Ive seen it 3 more times. Kid you not. Like it more every time. Thats a 4th of July party right there. Get everybody all boozed up and watch The Fountain. Practically sells itself.

Comment by Susong

That, plus all the gorgeous cinematography.

Comment by twoguns

It also featured a spectacular soundtrack and plenty of lush landscapes.

Comment by Susong

Oh yeah, some of the soundtrack was performed by members of Mogwai. Forgot about that one. Whoops.

Comment by twoguns

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