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draftny06 SPRITE by Barbecue Bros
June 28, 2007, 10:08 am
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– Chad Ford and Bill Simmons pretend to like each other and bust each other in the chops while doing their own lottery mock draft – Brandan Wright to Charlotte! Simmons calls Charlotte a WNBA franchise!

The NBA Draft drinking game (via Deadspin)

The Bill Simmons NBA Draft Running Diary Drinking game – The Sports Guy backlash is kinda funny here (via Deadspin)

  • Father of The Sports Guy is discouraged by the Celtics pick. Take a drink.
  • Father of The Sports Guy is confused by a statement by Stephen A. Smith or Stu Scott. Take a sip.
  • The Sports Guy ridicules ESPN’s choice of “unhip” on-air music while toggling through songs by The Killers and The Bravery in his iTunes library. Take two sips.

– The biggest steals in the history of the NBA Draft – sadly, no mention of Todd Fuller

– Some guys thinks he knows the draft’s most underrated and overrated players


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Do they dislike each other or something? Sorry, I dont keep up with Chad Forde. But I DO keep up with!!! WOOOOO!!! Lincolnish.

Comment by Susong

Chad Ford + Pat Forde = Chad Forde

I just don’t think that Bill and Chad are this jovial with each other. I think it’s really Chad trying to do a Bill Simmons impression and roll with the punches. In fairness, he gives as much as he takes.

Comment by twoguns

The problem is they both think they know everything about basketball, yet they disagree about everything.

Comment by Kenny

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