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Linkdown: Movie news by Barbecue Bros
June 26, 2007, 1:51 pm
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– The Guardian has a list of the 100 Most Memorable Film Moments (via IMDb)

– has the first photos from The Darjeeling Limited

– Details on Guy Ritchie’s new film, RocknRolla

“300” hero Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson, Thandie Newton, Idris Elba and rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges have been cast in the comeback caper “RocknRolla.”

The film is in line with his early films such as “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch.” It tells the story of a Russian mobster who orchestrates an underhanded land deal, putting millions of dollars up for grabs and attracting the worst of London’s criminal underworld, who all want in on the action. The players are a motley crew willing to backstab for a buck.

Kill Bill 3 and 4 details

– EW hangs out with the guys from Superbad, Jonah Hill and Michael Cera


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did you ever see ‘Revolver?’ i never did and i don’t think it was even released in the U.S. box office. weird though… i love the Ritchie and Stratham combo.

Comment by michaeleller

No, I didn’t realize he had released anything since Swept Away, which I actually caught on HBO a few years ago (it is indeed as horrible as you’ve heard it is). Looks pretty good, so it might be a Netflix selection.

Comment by twoguns

So whats with the Top 10 containing so many pre-1980 movies? I understand the classics, but lets see some respect for innovation and evolution. I honestly haven’t seen any of the Top 10 with the exception of Ususal Suspects.

Comment by Walterss

My guess is that the voters probably let nostalgia play a huge part in their voting. I’m actually surprised that The Usual Suspects final scene is #1.

Plus this is a British list anyways.

Comment by twoguns

Speaking of Michael Cera… please tell me you’ve seen his website It’s hysterical. They’re doing a series of 7-10 minute clips and I watched them all today. The opening credits are absolutely priceless.

Comment by michaeleller

Yea, I saw the first episode a few weeks ago. I’ve also downloaded another couple for free off Xbox Live. Pretty good stuff. I can’t believe the guest stars they get though.

Comment by twoguns

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